The ResoArt Villa

The Resonator Ltd started the first wave of the complete reconstruction works of the building in 1998-99. The attic was built in and the staircase and the upstairs rooms were renovated in their authentic style. The Budapest Architectural Award of Excellence Memorial Plaquette in 1999 and the Podmaniczky Award in 2000 were the awards for such a devotion to preserving value and beauty.

The architectural and interior design work of the first wave of the renovations were done by the designs of architect Flóra Csabai and internal designer Ágnes Reichard. Renovation continued in 2015. The facade became fresher and more colorful and windows and doors were fitted with stained glasses-once the works of Miksa Róth-reproduced by early photos.

The connecting rooms of the ground floor salons were opened into one spacious area with the help of the four winged doors and are now home to the Kőrössy Salon the focus of which is community and sharing values.

The private club hosts high standard cultural events reminiscent of the traditions of the once lively and elegant area famous for its cultural life. It is a great novelty and an important moment in the life of the building to be opening its doors to the public with the goal of promoting quality culture consumption and intellectual values for a wider circle.  The guided tours give visitors a chance to explore the beauties of the Art Nouveau Villa as well as the biggest private Zsolnay collection of Budapest.