The Foundation

The Foundation

ResoArt Foundation

András Szabó, having made a name for himself in the business sector as a successful entrepreneur and founder and head of the Resonator group for the past over thirty years, founded the Resonator Cultural and Art Foundation in 2021.  He created the foundation in order to show and conserve all the architectural beauty and products of visual and applied arts that he had created and collected throughout the previous decades as a private collector thanks to his success as an entrepreneur. The main task of the Resoart Foundation is the handling of the Zsolnay and visual arts collection, the organisation of professional exhibitions and events and the establishing of clubs and collector circles.

The Handling of the Collection


The collector’s main interests were high quality  Zsolnay  decorative ceramics from between the years 1870 and 1930 as well as pieces of visual arts. The latter included a number of paintings from the School of Nagybánya, more specifically by painters Vilmos Csaba and József Egry. 

The villa of exceptional architectural value, found under number 47. Avenue of City Park (Városligeti Fasor in Hungarian) was designed and built by architect Albert Kálmán Kőrössy for his own family and is now the venue that houses the events and the private collection exhibition of the Foundation. 

In the ground floor rooms of the building the founder wishes to continue the activity of the private cultural salon, which has been ongoing since 2016 , within the framework of the Foundation. Through the salon, he would like to provide examples of good practice as to how private capital can-when social responsibility is kept in mind-serve educational purposes and foster the formation of community. 

Our Mission:

  • The maintenance and sharing of the Zsolnay collection and the visual arts collection of the Foundation through themed exhibitions as well as the maintenance and protection of the cultural heritage, the promotion of the Hungarian visual and ceramic arts;
  • The detailed and in depth presentation of the history of Hungarian applied arts, visual arts and architecture as well as the values of the Hungarian culture and performing arts;
  • Helping the formation of a knowledge-based, educated and open-minded society.

Our Further Goals: 

  • To become an always renewing art workshop and cultural venue through the Zsolnay exhibition and associated events;
  • To publish our own art album and other materials; 
  • To play an active role in finding and helping talented artists in all areas of art. 

The Foundation wishes to pursue the above listed goals with the help of its own income as well as outside donations. If you wish to donate, you can find more information here

Public Benefit Company

Of Foundation is a public benefit company. Our activities that are of public benefit are: 

  • The protection of cultural heritage;
  • Services of public education, skill development, raising awareness;
  • Scientific activity, research; 
  • Talent-spotting and support; 
  • Cultural activities