A Multidisciplinary Artistic Experience

A Multidisciplinary Artistic Experience

The ResoArt Villa is an exceptional venue of Multidisciplinary artistic experiences:
It is an exceptional piece of the Art Nouveau style incorporating within itself impulses of the visual arts, music and literature as well as a dedicated collector personality who is willing to share it all with companies the brands of which stand for value, long term development and uniqueness.

The brand of a company relays value to its partners and employers and becomes authentic only when each can find in it something to identify with. Art itself can be such a shared value as it is not only of exceptional importance from the point of view of creativity and the sharing of values but also fosters recreation and inspiration. ResoArt Villa’s unique and exciting atmosphere is created by the uniqueness of each and every moment in the adventures it provides in exploring the different branches of art.

While company values may differ, uniqueness and high standards are features all successful businesses share. It is for them we offer partnership and cooperation as well as wonderful venues and unique artistic adventures.


As an unique boutique event venue, ResoArt Villa provides special experiences for its partners interested in Art Nouveau, architecture, painting and the visual arts.

Besides offering venues for board meetings, company team buildings or training, we also provide an environment in accordance with the brand values of your company where your partners can return, meet and build important connections all the while expressing their business values and company culture.


One of the most attractive buildings of Budapest is of exceptional architectural beauty and houses one of the largest private Zsolnay collections of the country as well as paintings by József Egry -painter of the Balaton- and of painters belonging to the Schools of Nagybánya and Szentendre. The garden of the villa on the other hand is home not only to an exceptional collection of rare plants but of a statue collection as well.